Kurt0411, the controversial FIFA player who has become a real nightmare for EA

Kurt’s case, a long-standing problem Kurt Fenech, better known in the competitive scene as “Kurt0411”, is a professional Malta-born FIFA player. He is currently without a team and has been banned from all EA games for life. The Maltese player has more than 100K subscribers on his YouTube channel and almost 140K people follow him on his Twitch channel. He reached his best positions in the FIFA 18 game, more specifically in the FIFA eClub World Cup and FIFA eWorld Cup tournaments. In FIFA 19 (a title that we will now discover he did not like at all), he reached some important phases of the FUT Champions Cup.

It was precisely at the 2018 FIFA eClub World Cup that Kurt’s toxic behavior began to be discovered. It is in this tournament where, after several frustrations, he decides to end his participation. Being a major event, with international broadcasts and many EA “big shots” watching, the focus has already started to target this Maltese player and his ugly gestures.

With the release of FIFA 19, Kurt went one step further. In addition to showing his disenchantment with the title EA Sports had released, he began making clear offensive allusions towards company employees. This repeated behavior at the time made the brand decide to suspend the player banning him for 2 months from his titles. Kurt’s tone outputs did not stop after his two-month interruption. FIFA decided to try to keep the professional player in the background during tournaments but the Maltese seemed to disagree and continued “giving the note”.

EA’s patience is gradually wearing thin. Finally, in FIFA 20 Kurt has ended up being banned for life in EA Sports titles. To make matters worse, this prohibition implies not being able to broadcast live any content related to videogames of the North American giant.

According to statements that the professional player himself has given on the BBC, Kurt comments that after reflecting, he has realized that the situation surpassed him and took everything to personal territory. Despite his apparent regret in the forms, he declares that it seems to him a clear abuse of power by EA Sports to have permanently banned him from creating content and practicing his video games. He adds that his opinion is harsh but agrees with that of a part of the community and he sentenced saying that the company does not take into account the community and only thinks about obtaining money. Without a doubt, they are quite harsh statements that have cost him the “relationship” with FIFA.

Kurt is probably already thinking about moving to the most direct competition of EA Sports, the eFootball PES series from KONAMI.


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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