The Ones To Watch Program Continues In FIFA 22

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What You Need to Know About FIFA 22 Ones to Watch


The FIFA 22 Ones to Watch program is similar to FIFA 21’s. However, it does add a new feature. The Wins to Watch upgrade is a one-time boost that applies if the team wins five games starting from the release date of FIFA 22. These five wins must be out of 10 games. The Ones to Watch player doesn’t have to be on the field in the matches where his team gets the win. If you pre-order the Ultimate edition, you will get a Ones to Watch item as a bonus. We’ve mentioned that Ones to Watch upgrades are obtained based on the performance. This means that when the player receives an in-form item, his Ones to Watch card gets upgraded. An in-form item is a Team of the Week or Man of the Match item. The first announced Ones to Watch item belongs to David Alaba. This item cannot be traded. Alaba transferred in 2021 to Real Madrid. He also plays for his national Austrian team. More announcements will follow as we get closer to the release date on FIFA 22. Fans are encouraged to keep an eye on the game’s social media pages for more Ones to Watch reveals. If a player’s Ones to Watch item has a different position than his in-form item, his Ones to Watch position will stay the same. The item will obtain upgrades from that and any other in-forms that he might obtain in the future. Only the performance from the 2021-2022 domestic season will be considered. If the player transfers or goes to another club on loan, the Ones to Watch item doesn’t change until the player gets an in-form item with his new club. If that happens, the Ones to Watch item gets an update to reflect the change. If the player leaves the team and doesn’t go to a new club, his item doesn’t get any upgrades anymore.

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