What’s New With The FIFA 22 Global Series

FIFA 22 Global Series implements changes such as a new ranking system for FUT Division Rivals and PlayStation 5 as the official EA tournament platform.


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FIFA 22 FGS Features a New Ranking System


Those who want to take part in the FIFA 22 Global Series must first prove their worth in the FUT Division Rivals. This mode has changed so you should catch up with the changes before doing anything else. First, players must complete the registration process. It is available starting October 4th. It lasts until the end of this year on December 31st. Players can take part in solo or duo FUT Division Rivals matches. The goal is to advance to the Elite Division and achieve better ranks. This is how players become eligible for qualifier events and the FGS Open. Their skill rating determines whether they are eligible or not. Those who have high ranks may receive access to the Competitive Game Mode. They may also be able to register earlier for the open bracket of Team of the Season Cup. Games in FUT Division Rivals and the Competitive Game Mode will be played according to the new competitive settings. Another change refers to the platform on which all the EA competitions are held. These games will be played exclusively on PlayStation 5. Starting with this season, the competition will feature team-based events. FIFA 22 Global Series Open has 16 tournaments that are held between 8th-12th December. The number of teams that take part in an Open tournament varies from 32 to 128. For example, the Stockholm Open has 128 teams while the Miami Open has 64. The 16 winners will compete in the Team of the Year Cup. For a team to participate in the Open tournaments, its team captain has to have a good performance in the first season of the FUT Division Rivals. This season will end on November 11th. The top seasonal players will get an invitation to the Open tournament. The next events will be the Team of the Year Cup, Team of the Season Cup, and Group Stage. The Open and Championship Brackets will follow.

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