EA FC 24 Evolutions Explained Upgrade Attributes and Learn Extra Positions

Similar to MLB The Show, EA FC 24 will allow players to keep their favorite Ultimate Team cards throughout the game by upgrading. Here’s everything you need to know about Evolution.
The steep power curve makes it nearly impossible to use your favorite Ultimate Team card for a few months. The series, formerly known as FIFA, is constantly releasing new promos featuring players with higher overall performances. But before you know it, your club legends are forced to sit permanently on the bench, or relegated to the reserves unless they’re lucky enough to get an extra special card.

EA SPORTS FC 24 tries to solve this problem by introducing Evolution. For the first time in series history, players will be able to level up their cards by completing objectives within a year. In previous FIFA games, players were all struggling in farming coins. Here U7BUY offers you a perfect solution, FC 24 coins for sale.

Let’s first look at how this exciting system works.

How Evolutions work in EA FC 24

Evolution allows users to upgrade the base stats of squad players, turning them into better cards. Any player who meets the evolution requirements can be evolved, including all promotional cards and Team of the Week cards released during FC 24.

Players can also acquire new PlayStyles, including PlayStyles+, for their favorite cards.
Players can upgrade individual attributes by completing themed objectives about the attribute, including shooting, physical, defending, pace, passing, and dribbling. For example, in order to improve a player’s shooting ability, goals may need to be completed in order to evolve the player.
The feature also allows evolved players to learn new locations. This means midfielders can turn into wingers and so on.
There will also be a series of evolution options based on the season, limited to a certain time period. And, the development team promises to keep the feature “fresh and updated” by adding more ways to evolve teams throughout seasons and years.
Additionally, players can “have any number of evolved players in their squad,” but players can only activate one player to evolve at a time.
EA FC 24’s Senior Producer has announced how he thinks evolution will impact future versions of Ultimate Team.

How to Evolve a player in FUT

According to the EA team, FUT players will be able to earn evolutions by completing specific requirements. According to the FC development team, some examples include playing a certain number of games or participating in squad battles in which the player scores.
However, not every player in Football Ultimate Team is eligible for evolution.

Can Evolution players be sold on the transfer market?

No, Evolution players cannot be sold on the transfer market. Additionally, evolution items are not eligible for use in Squad Building Challenges.
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