Did You Take Advantage Of The FC 24 Thunderstruck Campaign To Strengthen Your Team?

U7Buy has FIFA coins for sale and offers exclusive deals and discounts, so you can become the best player! The Black Friday craze took over FC 24. The well-known day that became a worldwide phenomenon came to the game. But it didn’t bring discounts or anything like that. It brought what FC 24 players desire most: the chance to make their teams invincible. Dynamic player items, special Squad Building Challenges, and best-of cards are part of the deal.

FC 24 Thunderstruck Dynamic Player Items

The FC 24 Black Friday promo includes dynamic player items. These cards have the possibility to get better over time. The Thunderstruck dynamic player selection includes current footballers and players of the past in the form of Icon cards. These items are eligible to receive boosts. The real-world performances of the club the players are part of are taken into account when applying the boosts. The performances are from the games in the domestic league. But what exactly are these boosts? They are upgrades to the players’ rating (OVR) and Play Styles. The upgraded cards will make your team better, leading it to victory.

FC 24 Thunderstruck Item Upgrade Conditions

You might be wondering what upgrades the Thunderstruck cards will receive. There are three special upgrade categories. We have categories pertaining to male players, female players, and Icon players. We mentioned that the performance of the team from the domestic games affects the upgrade conditions. The matches played after November 24th decide if the player receives the upgrades or not. The male players have three possible upgrades. If the team wins one game, the player gets a +1 In-Form boost. If the team wins two games, the card receives two Play Styles for its position. If the team wins three games, an extra In-Form boost is applied. Now, let’s see the conditions for the female players. For one team victory, the player gets one In-Form upgrade. For two victories, the card receives two position-relevant Play Styles and one more In-Form boost. Let’s also see the Thunderstruck upgrade conditions for the Icon cards. The cards get one Play Style if the team wins one game. The player item receives an In-Form boost if the team wins three games.

FC 24 Thunderstruck SBCs, Evolutions, and Daily Rewards

The event comes with Squad Building Challenges that you don’t want to miss. These activities are available for several days after the campaign ends. Cristian Romero OVR 87, Memphis Depay OVR 88, and Frenkie de Jong OVR 88 are some of the rewards available from Thunderstruck SBCs. The new FC 24 mechanic, player evolution, is integrated into the event. Players will have the opportunity to evolve their favorite items thanks to four evolution slots. The Thunderstruck campaign keeps participants engaged throughout with daily rewards. Each day, we have access to an upgrade Squad Building Challenge. Objectives are not missing either.

FC 24 Thunderstruck Best-Of Players

FC 24 Thunderstruck comes not only with the chance to obtain new cards for your team but also with a second chance to get cards that you might have missed in the past. The Best-Of selection includes cards that were available for a limited time. We don’t know when and if they will be back again, so don’t miss this second opportunity to grab them. The Thunderstruck Best-Of collection has high-rated Team of the Week cards as well as items from past campaigns. Don’t forget that a new season has just begun. The holiday season invites players to take their spot on the seasonal ladder. The early birds get a special level 25 bonus Objectives with awesome prizes.

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