EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions In-Depth Guide

EA Sports FC 24 received mixed reviews when it was launched to replace the beloved and iconic FIFA games. However, if there was one thing players loved about the game, it was definitely the Ultimate Team Champions mode.

Ultimate Team Champions allowed players to showcase their skills, compete against other players, and earn rank rewards – it’s the perfect environment for some (not so) friendly competition. Learn everything about the competitive mode in our Ultimate Team Champions in-depth guide.

Qualifications for Ultimate Team Champions

Of course, they can’t let anyone compete in Ultimate Team Champions – it’s only meant for the best anyway. First, you must earn 1,250 Champions Qualification Points by winning matches in Division Rivals. Accumulating at least 1,250 points automatically qualifies you for the Champions Play-Offs series.

But your road to UT Champions has just begun. You’ll participate in 10 matches in the Play-Offs stage. Luckily, you don’t need to win all of those games to qualify for the Weekend League. Everyone placed in rank 5 or higher receives a ticket to the UT Champions Weekend League. This means that you only need to get a minimum of 4 wins and participate in all remaining games to qualify.

It’s honestly nothing too crazy, but sometimes players might still require FUT boosting services to secure their slot.

Ultimate Team Champions: Weekend League Rules

Welcome to the big leagues! This is the final stage and is where the best players come out. In EA Sports FC 24, each player can participate in 20 matches, as opposed to the previous 40 in older games. 20 games is more than enough for you to prove your worth.

Similar to the previous stages, you can earn points depending on your match results. Securing a victory snags you four points, while getting defeated only grants you one. Overall, your points determine what rank and rewards you end up with once the tournament is over.

Weekend League Ranks and Win/Loss Records

Here’s a list of the ranks, point requirements, and wins you should aim for in the Champions Weekend League:

  • Rank 1 (76 – 80 pts) – Minimum 19 Wins
  • Rank 2 (72 – 75 pts) – Minimum 18 Wins
  • Rank 3 (67 – 71 pts) – Minimum 16 Wins
  • Rank 4 (60 – 66 pts) – Minimum 14 Wins
  • Rank 5 (51 – 59 pts) – Minimum 11 Wins
  • Rank 6 (45 – 50 pts) – Minimum 9 Wins
  • Rank 7 (36 – 44 pts) – Minimum 6 Wins
  • Rank 8 (24 – 35 pts) – Minimum 2 Wins
  • Rank 9 (12 – 23 pts) – Minimum 0 Wins (Played all games)
  • Rank 10 (4 – 11 pts) – Minimum 0 Wins (Didn’t play all games)

It’s crazy how good the rewards are for the highest ranks in the Weekend League tournament. Securing Rank 6 or higher also automatically qualifies you for the next Champions Play-Offs series, allowing you to keep raking in those rare packs.


That’s our rundown on the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Champions League. It’s one of the best ways to snag incredible packs without spending those FC Coins. If all else fails, you can always spend money on a reliable site and force your way to victory.

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