FIFA 17 TOTW Coming Now!

The 32 FIFA 17 TOTW coming to all the players now, which can be available from April 26th 6pm to May 3rd. There are more your favorite players in this TOTW, the more details will in the following: Starting XI GK: Rune Almenning Jarstein – Hertha BSC (Germany) – Norway CB: Leonardo Bonucci –  Juventus […]

When will FIFA 18 is going to be released?

Obviously, and judging by what has been happening every year, the launch of FIFA 18 will find it between the last days of September and the first two weeks of October. Keep in mind that the game is always depending on the last minute signings and even with those not get rid of some update […]


FIFA 17 TOTW 31 be Available Now!

The FIFA 17 TOTW is launched now, which can be available from 6pm, April 19th to April 26th 2017, this latest fifa totw contains De Bruyne, Di Maria, Isco and Carrasco, buy them can help you to have a stronger team, and to enjoy the games, the following is the details: Starting XI GK: Kevin […]

FIFA 18 and its announced improvements

Let’s be very frank FIFA 17 is very good, also some details in definition or the system constantly updated, but it is a game that can leave you stuck to it full days. The improvements announced Andre Wilson confirmed that the game will continue to use Frosbite Engine that gave him the possibility of better […]