How to Improve Experience for FIFA 17 Playing?

How to Improve Experience for FIFA 17 Playing

We have come to the last part of this delivery of tips to customize your gaming experience. However, we have left the best part to the end. In this article we will teach you how to configure your control. We are not going to suggest total changes, since each gamer is different and adapts to their tastes. However, what will encompass this article will be some personalization tips. You decide whether to apply them or not.


There are those who choose to play with the PES button settings, or there are also those that use the 2-button configuration (those that are new to FIFA), however, there are also other configurations that can help you to improve those long passes and even shooting. To put them into practice, just follow the route:  Customize> Settings> Personalize Controls> Settings

In this part you can change the control from automatic to manual. Why? This way you will get a better control of the air balls. Thanks to this, you can decide which of your players is closest to the ball, so that you can choose who will shoot.


You can also change the tactical defense option to classic defense. This helps to better automate the entries (something that reminds us of old FIFA games). However, this feature is only applicable to offline game modes, since when we switch to online mode, this specific configuration is changed to tactical defense.


Well, that has been all for this little collection of tips to improve your experience in FIFA 17. We hope these tips have helped you to personalize your experience in the best way. See you next time!

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