Tips for defending in FIFA 17

Tips for defending in FIFA 17

We have come to the last part of these tips. We hope that they put them into practice and that these tips help them during their online games.

Avoid attacking

Although many surprises them, it is much harder to overcome a static and well-positioned defense than defenders sprinting like mad toward the ball. With a simple touch of joystick the opposite front will leave us in almost all occasions by the floors.

Rarely worth the attack. It is a button that many should be removed from the configuration of FIFA 17. As it ends up going against it despite what they think.

In any case, if we can not resist making an attack from time to time, something that also happens to me, we must avoid at all costs to do them just when we have just lost possession and we have just started a contra.


All of the above could be summed up in calming down when we lose the ball, reorganize the position of our players, and avoid any kind of fast or aggressive action. The ball will end up coming back to our power if we follow these tips. It will only be a matter of time. And better to wait a little to recover from the midfield.

You will be amazed at how our defensive records improve just by applying these concepts. To defend in FIFA 17 obviously you have to know the button combinations. But it is much more important to be clear about the concept of how to defend. Some will think that all this does not make sense, but we recommend that they simply try it and judge its effectiveness. If you need the help of fifa 17 coins, you can choose the most reliable site to buy the coins, and the u7buy is a good choice for your coins buying.

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