41 FIFA 17 TOTW Coming Now!

Almost every week we will do a post for fifa totw, and for this week, we are doing as usual, and it is the totw 41,that can be got from 6pm (UK time) June 28th to 6pm July 5th 2017. For this new totw, there are many players coming, such as  84 Rigoni, 82 Edu, […]

How to troubleshoot NAT connection

We tell you how to solve the NAT connection problems in FIFA 17 for PC   NAT is the acronym for managing IP addresses on all devices that are connected to your network. In a brief explanation, if your network is configured in a NAT type 1 that is the most open and best to […]

TOTW 40 Squad for FIFA 17 Coming!

The fifa 17 totw 40 is coming to all the players now, the buyers can get the fifa packs from 6pm June 21st to 6pm June 28th,2017,and for the new packs, there has the David Villa of 87 can be chose from you to strong your team, and then you have more chance to win […]