FIFA Switch is made to measure, is it FIFA 18 or not

FIFA Switch is "made to measure", is it FIFA 18 or not

Electronic Arts had confirmed its presence in Nintendo Switch with a development of great flights and all the bets have been confirmed quickly: it is his emblematic soccer franchise. But will FIFA 18 or another version come?
Patrick Söderlund, the company’s vice president, traveled to Tokyo to announce personally and on stage this new title. As a brief description, he said that “FIFA for Nintendo Switch will be the most realistic, social and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players.” A phrase that can be applied to any delivery of the series.

However, it was his next statement that left us waiting to know what is the development. “It will offer the FIFA experience made entirely for the Nintendo Switch, so you can play anywhere, with anyone and any way you want,” added Söderlund. “You can stay connected to the biggest games even if you are in the park, at a friend’s house or on vacation.”

They are generic declarations from which little can be extracted. The mere uniqueness of the platform makes it necessary to take additional design measures, such as creating a simplified control mode for two players, one with each Joy-con, since separately they do not have as many buttons as normal. Although the doubts will arrive on if it contains all the game modes and, above all, if it uses the same engine Frostbite than in the other consoles.

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