Nintendo Switch and its future with EA

Nintendo Switch and its future with EA

Nintendo’s new console, Nintendo has been running for five months since it went on sale, during which time it has offered us innovative and interesting games and has managed to sell 4.7 million units and continues to grow. But this has only just begun, because in the months that remain of the year Nintendo Switch will have other launches of great relevance, such as ‘FIFA 18’. The EA Sports football simulator will be the first title offered by the North American company to the console of Nintendo, conditioning the future support to the performance that shows the game. Despite the doubts they may have, some company managers have faith in the console, such as Patrick Söderlund, who is delighted with the level it shows.

Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of EA Worldwide Studios, has recently given an interview to the EDGE media, where he has spoken at length about the console. In one of those moments, the manager asked about the performance of the machine compared to Wii U, commenting: – “is doing very well, which I love. But I will be honest, when I was taught years ago, I did not catch The concept, I was puzzled.But then I thought, it’s Nintendo.Probably understand something that I do not.It’s usually like this. ” The first impression of Mr. Söderlund was the same that we had many when they officially presented it on October 20, 2016. Nintendo Switch is different, of that there is no doubt.

During the interview, EA Worldwide Studios executive vice president recounted a personal anecdote related to himself, his son and Nintendo’s system commenting the following: – “I have a four year old son and it’s like I’m connected to him. It will use it as a portable system, it will connect it to the TV, but more importantly, it uses it and says ‘Do you want to play with me?’ Then uncouple the Joy-Con and play Mario Kart together. I think it’s a very special machine because it’s not the same thing anymore.I looked at it and thought, why would you play that instead? This is Nintendo Switch “.

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