What you need to know about FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch

An SD card is not needed. It was announced that some games would require an SD card to run on Nintendo Switch and many thought that FIFA 18 is going to be one of those games. Another famous sports themed game, NBA 2K18, needs an SD card so many speculated this is the case with FIFA 18 as well. Luckily, there is no need for one so those who are interested can just get the game and start playing without having to worry about a card.

It has its own engine. The 2017 EA Sport’s FIFA 18 game utilizes the latest version of the Frostbite engine for FIFA 18 PlayStation 4 account, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version was developed on another engine to fit the console’s unique architecture. It’s already known that the Switch console is not that graphically capable as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One so players might notice differences when playing on different systems.

The Journey is not available. This is perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks for FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. One of the most popular game modes, The Journey, is not available. This is because of the different engine that was built for this console. The Journey requires Frostbite engine. Introduced in FIFA 17, this narrative based mode continues the story of Alex Hunter.

It has a download size of almost 15 GB. Nintendo Switch is an impressive console but it lacks impressive storage capacity. It comes with only 32 GB. The download size for FIFA 18, as listed on Nintendo UK official website is 14.3 GB. An SD card might not be mandatory but it would be of great help.

It has two exclusive modes. Even if The Journey is missing, players will still get plenty of exciting play sessions thanks to two exclusive modes. One is called Local Seasons. This mode permits the connections between two Switch devices so that players can enjoy a five matches competition. The other mode is called FUT Kick-Off and gives players the chance to compete in local and solo games.

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