FIFA 19 or a Big Expansion of FIFA 18 at E3?

In case you did not know, the E3 is the Electronic and Entertainment Expo, which is a fair where almost all video game developers come together to present their new games, announce upcoming games or give more strength to the updates that they have recently made in these.

Now that you know what this event is about, let me tell you that it is a date that all gamers look forward to! The appointment will be from June 12 to 14 and will be 3 days full of emotion from Los Angeles, California. It is the perfect occasion to get together with friends and admire what the world of videogames offers.

FIFA 19 or a big update of FIFA 18

If you are a loyal supporter of UTBuy, you can remember that we recently addressed the issue of a rumor about the future of FIFA 19, since, according to leaks by a former EA employee, there would be no FIFA 19, but a great update of FIFA 18 and they would charge for that update (knowing EA, the price will be very, very high).

This rumor / prediction is taking a lot of force, more because we are months away from a possible launch of the new FIFA 19 and we still have no news or rumors about this version. In addition, we are 2 weeks from E3, since the leaks of the new videogames began, such as Rage 2, a new Splinter Cell, etc.

So, where is the news about FIFA 19? Our opinion is that the rumors are true, there will not be a new version of FIFA 19 this year and there will be only one big update, which, we predict will have a value of $ 40 dollars, which is an exaggerated price for a change of line-ups and different aesthetic improvements.

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