Gameplay Changes Coming to FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is getting an update that brings changes to various aspects of the game. Gameplay is one of the most important game features so it’s only natural for developers to divert their attention and efforts to improve it. Players have been noticing some issues with the game. Avid FIFA 19 players will gladly know that some of the bugs they’ve reported have been fixed. The gameplay changes are divided into four main categories.

Jumping volley kicks are a gameplay mechanic that received some attention. Different types of volley kicks like scissor, for example, were occurring in situations that weren’t realistic. This was fixed so players will get a more authentic football experience from now on. Those who didn’t have the flair trait could still do the moves without them pressing the flair shot button. A high agility attribute made the animation too fast. Goalkeepers were also improved by the update. They will now pick up the ball when it’s near them. They will also clear the ball and not trap it anymore when an opponent is close to them. Move keeper controls were fixed as well. Keepers will not warp into the net anymore after preventing a goal from being scored. The animation that showed the keeper diving in the wrong direction was fixed.

Dynamic tactics is another gameplay feature that was improved. Players can now use the pause menu and change their game plans. This can happen during a game. The change aims to give players more tactical options and more ways to react to their opponent’s strategy. The changes or player swaps from the balanced game plan will be carried over to the other game plans as well. This will happen if the formations are somewhat similar, if there are too many differences between them the change won’t occur automatically. Goal kicks that allowed for unrealistic goals were also fixed. This issue occurred when the player was in control of both teams. Defenders will now correctly react. The update goes live on PC first and then on consoles. Now buy fut 19 coins to fully enjoy the game!

Post Author: fifaplayerclub