FIFA 20 – What’s New in Update 10

The new year in FIFA 20 comes with Update 10. Improvements regarding several game modes have been made. The dribbling responsiveness that was added to the game in Update 2 now has more impact. The impact scales between 80 and 99. When taking shots inside the box, you will notice that they are more efficient. This means that you will have more chances to score a goal and fewer chances to miss or to send the ball in the post.

The place where the ball lands is calculated using shooting assistance and directional input. If you take a shot from a very small angle, it will have increased chances to be on the goal. The increase is pretty small. The time a player can sit at kick off is now 15 seconds. The goal kick pass animations have faster speed. In Update 7, there were some changes regarding the goal kick pass speed that affected other set pieces.

The players were not happy with these changes so they were canceled by this patch. Green timed shots have fewer chances of being affected by error. When making the transition to a set piece, players will need to use the directional input after the transition if they want to make a fast set piece. Players with 80 average rating for dribbling, balance, and agility have better exit velocity when they sprint out of a strafe dribble. The speed and duration scale from 80 to 99. A few issues such as the second defender switch icon disappearance and wrong pass receiver were fixed.

Ultimate Team, Career, and Volta modes got some attention as well. In Ultimate Team, players will no longer have issues with the transfer list showing the wrong numbers. The squad conflict squad battle challenge will now take into consideration all eligible squads.

The issue with the visuals overlapping after a squad battle goal was fixed. Some front end visuals were updated as well. The issue that showed manager items with 0% negotiations was fixed. Dynamic images are no longer disappearing. The user interface displays the correct goal worth in King of the Hill. Those who are playing Career mode on Ultimate will now find it more challenging as the difficulty was increased.

Player conversations have links to squad hub and team management. Seventy-one star heads were added to Volta. Some issues with avatars in Volta story were fixed. Teams in tournaments will now play the correct number of games with MLS. Some visual issues such as not smooth camera transition and blank screen caused by celebrations were fixed. The Update first comes to PC and then to consoles.

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