FIFA 21 – Which Game Version Will You Buy?

FIFA 21 comes out on October 9th. You can already pre-order the game so you can play right on release day but first, you must decide on which platform you will play and which edition will you buy. Most players have a platform of choice and they rarely switch to another one. FIFA 21 comes in three editions. Once again, players stick to an edition. The gameplay is the same no matter what edition you get but there are some pre-order bonuses that you might find worth the extra money.

The Standard edition comes with four bonuses. You will get three Ultimate Team gold packs. As you know from the past years, you don’t get all three packs at the same time. You get one pack per week. You will get the cover athlete as an Ultimate Team loan item that lasts for five games in UT. Another loan item for UT is included in the pre-order bonus. This one is a FUT Ambassador that is good for three games. You will have three items to choose from. The last bonus comes in the form of customization items such as FUT kits and stadium items. The standard edition comes at the regular triple-A price of $60. Don’t forget that the price varies depending on your location and retailer.

The Champions edition has all the goodies included in the previous edition and more. You get three days of early access. This means that you can start playing FIFA 21 on October 6th. This edition comes with 12 packs instead of three. You also unlock the local youth prospect feature for Career Mode. Players will pay $80 for this edition. The Ultimate Edition is the most comprehensive edition. It includes everything that the Champion edition has and more. The number of packs is upped to 24 and you get two packs a week. A Ones to Watch items that cannot be traded is among the bonuses if you pre-order this game edition until August 14th. You can pre-order after this date as well but you won’t get the item anymore. This edition costs $90. The three editions are available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch is a legacy edition that contains only updated visuals.

The game also comes out for next-gen consoles when they release later this year. Take advantage of the dual entitlement offer so you can upgrade to the next-gen version at no additional cost.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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