EA FC 24: 4 Tips and Reminders for Beginners

EA FC 24 is one of the biggest association football games ever, and if you’ve just decided to finally join the FIFA game life, we’ve got some tips and reminders to help beginners like you.

FIFA games can get really difficult for new players and it’s not fun to get absolutely destroyed in your first online matches. You might even be tempted to immediately get EA Sports FC 24 boosting to help you in the game. But before that, try these tips first to get the ball rolling.

Practice in Practice Arena and Practice Offline

A common mistake that a lot of EA FC 24 newbies make is immediately jumping into online matches without even practicing or familiarizing themselves with the game. They think it’s as simple as kicking a ball. Bro, there’s more to the game than just pressing a button and kicking!

Luckily, EA Sports brought back the Practice Arena in EA FC 24. This lets you try out different attacks, dribbles, and kicks without the pressure of a real game. It’s also a good idea to practice offline instead of online. In online matches, you’ll most likely run into players with a high skill level already and it’s not fun to get trashed and destroyed while you’re still learning. Don’t even get me started with lag while you’re learning your kicks!

Learn the Basics and Must-Learn Techniques Like Ball Roll, Shot Cancel, Control Sprint, and Jockeying

Whether you’re a complete newbie to FIFA games or you’ve played years ago but haven’t played any of the newer games, it’s always a good idea to brush up on the basics. Things like doing accurate passes, learning new dribbling techniques, or performing proper defense, where you duel time correctly or target press at the right moment, are important.

Then there are techniques that even the pros recommend. Learning how to do Ball Rolls, Shot Cancel, Control Sprinting (seriously, you don’t have to 100% sprint all the time), and Jockeying can help make your play better and more competitive than before.

Read Up On Your Players

Instead of just randomly picking players without knowing much about their skills, better practice your reading skills and analyze your players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Each player has something they’re good at that you can take advantage of. Say, a player’s stats say that they’re good at Jockeying, then you should use that player whenever you want to do a lot of Jockeying in the game. If a player is good at dribbling, use them for Control Sprints. Just make sure to check their in-game stats, use your players wisely, and you should be good to go.

Patience Is the Key

Lastly, you gotta have a lot of patience. This might not sound like proper game advice, but being calm and patient while you’re still learning the game can help you tremendously, both in the game and with your mental health.

FIFA games are notorious for making its players heated up, whether it’s because of player skill differences or internet connection problems. Learning something new can also feel like an uphill struggle and you might end up being too hard on yourself. Just don’t forget to be kinder to yourself whenever you make mistakes and take your time.

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