Complete These SBCs For The EA FC 24 March POTM Winners

Did you know that you can buy FC 24 coins PC from U7Buy? The EA FC 24 March POTM campaign is underway. The winners are here. FUT Player of the Month is a popular campaign that honors the best footballers in their leagues. The users vote who they think is most deserving of the title. After a few days, the voting ends, and the winner is announced. The players have the chance to complete a Squad Building Challenge. The SBC rewards the POTM card of that respective player. As one month begins, the results for the last month are in. Now, we can finally complete the SBCs for the EA FC 24 March POTM winners.

FC 24 March POTM Serie A – Alessandro Bastoni

The FC 24 March POTM Serie A SBC has two requirements. We have to assemble a Top-Form squad with an In-Form card and 85 as a rating. The league team needs to have a rating of 86. The cost of the entire SBC is 100,000 FC 24 coins. Bastoni’s card is a center back with 89 OVR.

Bastoni made his senior debut for Inter in Serie A in 2017. He spent the 2018-2019 season on loan at Parma to gain more playing time and experience and it paid off.

FC 24 March POTM Premier League – Rodrigo Muniz

Rodrigo Muniz wins the FC 24 March POTM for the Premier League. His card comes with 88 pacing, 76 passing, 91 shooting, and 85 dribbling. The SBC has only one team to complete. You need a player from the league and 85 as a rating. The cost of the SBC is 33,000 FC coins.

Rodrigo Muniz joined the Premier League in 2021 when he transferred to Fulham.

FC 24 March POTM Eredivisie – Kaj Sierhuis

This SBC is really easy to complete. You just need one team that must have a player item with 87 OVR and an overall rating of 84. Kaj’s card is an 88 OVR striker that is worth 20,000 FC 24 coins. It’s a good card for the money, so you should go right ahead and complete the SBC.

Since 2023, Kaj Sierhuis has been playing for Fortuna Sittard.

FC 24 March POTM La Liga – Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius has a great Player of the Month card. It’s a high-rated item with 91 OVR and pacing, dribbling, and shooting as the best stats. This card fills a striker position. The SBC that grants us this FC 24 March POTM card is not an easy one. Nine teams are to be assembled.

Brazil – 86 rating, one In-Form.

Real Madrid – 87 rating.

La Liga – 87 rating, one In-Form.

Top Form – 87 rating, one In-Form.

85-Rated Team – one team.

88-Rated Team – two teams.

89-Rated Team – one team.

90-Rated Team – one team.

The total cost of this Player of the Month Squad Building Challenge comes down to about 1 million EA FC 24 coins.

Vinicius Jr. has been with Real Madrid since 2018.

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