How To Find The Best Players In FC 24 Career Mode

If you are looking to buy Fut coins XBOX, U7Buy provides the fastest deliveries at the cheapest prices! FC 24 Career Mode is a game activity that puts players at the helm of a team. Several aspects need to be managed. Finding EA FC 24 players for your starting 11 is one of them and one of the most important ones. The scouting section of the manager feature helps you find the best players. FC 24 Career Mode assists you in finding players that are in line with your tactical vision. This is what the Global Transfer Network is for.

How to Set Up the Global Transfer Network in FC 24 Career Mode

This is where you need to go to scout for new players. The Global Transfer Network (GTN) can be found in the Transfers tab. From there, select the Scouts grid. The current scouts are shown on one tab. Another tab has an instructions menu.

You can issue instructions for your scouts. They will find players based on these commands. The filters are play style, age, time on their contract, position, and tactical vision compatibility. Decide which players you want and your scouts will do the rest. A manager can have a maximum of six scouts.

Each scout has two attributes: judgment and experience. Judgment helps the scouts find better players. Experience increases the player pool. Each attribute is rated with stars that show how good that scout is in that field. The maximum number of stars is five. You should have scouts that have at least three stars in both attributes.

After the scouts have their instructions they will start looking for players. This will take a few weeks in-game time. Check out the instruction grid and see what FC 24 players your scouts have found.

How to Select the Best Players in FC 24 Career Mode

In some cases, you may not find as many FIFA players as you wish. If this happens, you need to take the instructions back to the drawing board. What you need to do is to increase the parameters of the instructions. All managers want to find players that excel in every category. This is not always achievable. You will have to learn to work with the players your scouts discovered.

Assuming you have a nice selection of players to choose from, let’s see what you need to do next. Each player has a snapshot. Enter the player’s report to find out more about them. You can also shortlist them in the Transfer hub. This will make it easier to sift through all the highlighted players.

Your scouts will find out more about the desirable EA FC 24 players. This doesn’t take long. The complete report will have the market value, OVR, weekly salary, letting-go clauses, and an estimate of the transfer fee.

If you want to find promising FC 24 players, you need to look over the Youth Staff in the Transfers hub. You can hire new scouts specialized in finding young players. U7BUY is ready to assist you with EA FC 24 coins, boosting services, and more!

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