Best Players To Choose for EA FC 24 German Glory Evolution


The excitement of the EUROs and Copa America is heating up in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. The “Make Your Mark” promo brings live player cards to the game, featuring rising stars making their international tournament debut. The EA FC 24 German Glory Evolution is one of the latest evolutions that hit the game as part of the campaign. Buy FIFA coins PC and gather enough resources to get the best German Glory Evolution options.

EA FC 24 German Glory Requirements

The EA FC 24 German Glory Evolution may not require any initial investment, but to unlock its full potential, you’ll need a German player card that meets these criteria:

  • Overall Rating: 87 or lower
  • Pace: 92 or lower
  • Physical: 90 or lower
  • PlayStyles: 7 or less
  • PlayStyles+: 2 or less

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Rewards of EA FC 24 German Glory

Once you complete the Evolution objectives, your chosen German player will receive a massive boost, including:

  • Overall Rating: Increased by 7 points
  • Pace: Increased by a whopping 9 points!
  • Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending: Each boosted by 7 points
  • Physical: A significant increase of 9 points
  • Skill Moves: Gain an extra skill move
  • New PlayStyles: Unlock the Trivela, Rapid, and Dead Ball styles
  • PlayStyles+ Upgrade: Gain the Slide Tackle PlayStyle+

Best Players You Can Choose for EA FC 24 German Glory

The German Glory Evolution restricts you to German players under 87 OVR. This narrows down the eligibility pool significantly, but if you have a good eye for scouting, you would still be able to find some excellent candidates. Here are some recommended targets:

  • Yann Aurel Bisseck (Future Stars): This pacey center-back boasts solid defending and surprising dribbling skills, making him a nightmare for attackers.
  • Anton Stach (FUT Birthday): An incredible box-to-box midfielder, Stach offers well-rounded offense and defense, perfect for transitioning the play.
  • Lukas Klostermann (Thunderstruck): Don’t let his lower rating fool you. Klostermann is a speedy center-back with impressive defensive capabilities.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch! None of these FC 24 player items are currently available on the transfer market.  However, if you manage to snag one or already have them in your club, they’re absolute steals for the German Glory Evolution.

The Angelo Stiller free card awarded for free as part of Festival of Football Academy update is one of the obvious alternatives that come to mind. If you have kept hold of the card and did not evolve it, you could get a pretty solid box-to-box midfielder item after giving it a German Glory makeover.

If all else fails, consider Kai Havertz. While not ideal for the Evolution’s focus, he adds some attacking flair and boasts a high rating, potentially useful for future Squad Building Challenges. We are not fan of the 1300 FUT coins price tag, but if you can’t find any other card, you will always be able to buy this item for the EA FC 24 German Glory Evolution. The Arsenal ace would be an even more polished attacker following the upgrade.

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