FC 24 Team Of The Season Thiney And Lacazette SBCs

Find the cheapest FUT coins xbox prices only on U7Buy! The FC 24 Team of the Season is in full swing. Keeping the regular schedule, EA SPORTS deployed this event just a few weeks ago. The TOTS squads highlight the top-performing players from each league throughout the season. Special player cards reflect their exceptional performances. Fans […]

What’s New in EA FC 24: A Deep Dive into the Spring Updates and Esports Buzz

As we step into spring, EA FC 24 has quickly become the talk of the town among football gaming aficionados. This season is buzzing with significant updates that not only spice up the gameplay but also introduce an adrenaline-pumping new esports competition, further enhancing the game’s stature within the community. Let’s dive into these updates […]

Complete These SBCs For The EA FC 24 March POTM Winners

Did you know that you can buy FC 24 coins PC from U7Buy? The EA FC 24 March POTM campaign is underway. The winners are here. FUT Player of the Month is a popular campaign that honors the best footballers in their leagues. The users vote who they think is most deserving of the title. After a […]

The FC 24 Golazo Team 2 Is In The House

Rely on U7Buy for EA FC boosting and you will rise through the ranks faster than you would think! FC 24 Golazo Team 2 has arrived. Golazo is a debuting FUT campaign. The developers took inspiration from spectacular goals to create this promo. Golazo is a football expression that refers to formidable goals. FUT Golazo is all […]


Here is a comprehensive guide dedicated to the “Skill Moves Training” evolution available during the third season of Ultimate Team on EA FC 24! One of the most exciting additions to EA SPORTS FC 24 is the Evolutions: throughout each season of Ultimate Team, we will have the opportunity to enhance some of the cards we possess by completing special objectives. As specified by EA in the developer notes dedicated to the launch of Ultimate Team on EA FC 24, there will be various types of evolutions that can enhance overall ratings, in-game statistics, skill stars, weak foot, work […]