FIFA 19 – Team of the Year Ultimate XI

FIFA 19 players had the chance to vote for their favorite football players to be part of the most prestigious game lineup, Ultimate XI. This is the Team of the Year and only the best players have the chance to be part of it. The 11 players that made into the TotY are chosen by specialists and also by community votes. The players are not selected only because of their popularity or charisma. FIFA 19 strives to be an accurate representation of the real football scene so these are the players that had a great performance in the past year. Here are the 11 players that were selected as TotY members.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the TotY striker. His card has 99 OVR. In 2018, he won the Champions League alongside Real Madrid and then he moved to a new team where he also had a good performance. Lionel Messi is the center forward. He has 99 OVR with great attributes such as 98 passing and 99 dribbling. Kylian Mbappe is the right wing. He plays for Paris Saint-Germain and for the national France team. His OVR is 99. The center midfield player is Luka Modric. At the moment, his is the best FIFA 19 UT card. He has not just 99 OVR but also over 90 in all attributes. The center defensive midfield is N’Golo Kante. He plays for Chelsea and has 96 OVR. Kevin de Bruyne plays for Manchester City and he is the center attacking midfield of the TotY. His OVR is 97. The left back player is Marcelo Vieira. He had a great year with Real Madrid. His OVR is 94. Raphael Varane is the center back. He won the World Cup with France, his national team, and the UEFA Champions League with Real Madrid. He has 96 OVR. Virgil van Dijk is an important player for Liverpool and for the Netherlands national team. He is a center back and his OVR is 95. Sergio Ramos is a center back player too. He is also from the UEFA Champions League winning team, Real Madrid. His OVR is 97. The goal keeper is David De Gea. He plays for Manchester United and his OVR is 97.

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