FIFA 21: What is the Showdown?

FIFA 21 players are in constant need of upgrading their squad, and if no card looks attractive to them on the transfer market, there are Squad Building Challenges (SBC) for that. Now, Showdown has become an extremely eye-catching event to have a better roster every week.
The Ultimate Team mode is one of the most attractive to gamers in FIFA. EA Sports has been in charge of providing the user with a complete experience to create templates and compete with them, with SBCs being a fundamental part of the game.
Next, we will tell you everything about this weekly event:
The event can be found every Tuesday at 12:00 in the Template Creation Challenges. EA Sports selects a featured match of the week and selects a player from each team to increase their stats.
Now what is different about this event? If in the real life game one of the two players’ team wins, their Showdown token receives a +2 increase in their overall rating, with their stats increasing in the same way. In case of a tie, both cards will add +1 to their average.
For example, the first duel of this FIFA 21 was between Marcos Acuña (Seville) and Francis Coquelin (Valencia). The Sevillian team won the match by a score of 0-1, for which the record of the Argentine side went up from a rating of 86 to one of 88. Therefore, it is important to take into account the real rhythm of the clubs prior to making the challenge and then go for the card that possibly does receive an increase in its average.
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