When will FIFA 18 is going to be released?

When will FIFA 18 is going to be released

Obviously, and judging by what has been happening every year, the launch of FIFA 18 will find it between the last days of September and the first two weeks of October. Keep in mind that the game is always depending on the last minute signings and even with those not get rid of some update of templates, so it is difficult to see it come before PC, PS4, Xbox One and the consoles of the past generation.

There are no new features of FIFA 18 in terms of abandonment of the previous generation. Put another way, FIFA 18 will continue to arrive for PS3 and Xbox 360 and FIFA 19 is expected to do the same, but with differences such as the absence of El Camino mode and other features that the previous generation will see trimmed.

Along with what has been said, one of the new features of FIFA 18 that we would most like to see is a twist more to the Ultimate Team mode, the feature most used by most of the users of the game that already has a couple of editions stuck in it.


When will we have more news from FIFA 18?

At the moment it will play until June to have more news of FIFA 18, a date in which it has already been confirmed that FIFA 18 will be seen. However, it would not be surprising that Electronic Arts gave new details on this annual delivery in the coming months.

From here, we will follow closely all relevant information to FIFA 18. We will bring you every detail with which we count, so that, you won’t miss a single piece of news of this launch expected by all.

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