Tips for Beginners of FIFA 17

Tips for Beginners of FIFA 17

We continue with this delivery of tips for FIFA 17. Remember that this guide is composed of 6 parts. Today we will focus on how to apply pressure to the opponent so that it gets nervous and easier to take the ball off.



Button: RB or R1


How to do it?

In FIFA 17 you must be especially cunning and tenacious to recover the ball because some of the most important improvements to the game mechanics were to attack.


One of the most useful tools, but at the same time more difficult to master, is the double mark. Press the right bumper of the command and the player closest to the opponent with the ball will cover it. That’s a very important detail: when you double-marking actions, you’re telling a partner to put pressure on the rival, not go where you are.


The distinction is pertinent because it allows you to fill gaps while a partner exerts pressure. So if, for example, the rival racer runs to the corner of the field, you can tell your partner to score as you cover your only escape route to improve chances of stealing the ball or intercepting the pass you try.


Of course, if you are on a rival and he is covering the ball in a corner, you can also trigger the double mark to stifle it.


But beware, do not abuse this resource because the double mark also involves taking a partner out of position and if, for some reason, the ball or rival player, cross your fence, there will be even more spaces.

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