FIFA Mobile – How to complete Road to Champion

FIFA Mobile is a game that changed a lot since it was released. Season 2, the game reset, brought many new features and modifications to the old systems. Campaigns mode got a significant update. The mode is similar to the Season 1 version but it has much more content. In addition to the campaign, there are now all sorts of available challenges. One of them is called Road to Champion. The grand reward for completing this activity is the 100 OVR Cristiano Ronaldo.

There are 27 main challenges on the Road to Champion. This activity has a similar structure to other FIFA Mobile activities. Players must complete challenges in a specific order. As soon as one challenge was completed, the next one becomes available. The first challenge is actually completed automatically just by tapping on it. It gives some info on the activity and tells FIFA players what they will win for completing all 27 tasks. The second task is also pretty easy. Players have to take part in one multiplayer VS Attack mode match. The reward is a Mobile Master XP item. These items will be used to increase Ronaldo’s OVR. These first two objectives don’t seem that complicated and players might get the impression that the Road to Champion won’t take too much time and effort to complete. The third objective will surely change their mind. To complete it, they must finish chapter one from a regional campaign. The fourth task requires creating or joining a league. For the next task, players will need to finish chapter two of a campaign. The next part can be quite difficult. Players must demonstrate they have skills in all areas of the game. Other tasks will require them to upgrade their team OVR to 90, 95, and even 100. The activity starts nice and easy but gets increasingly more difficult. It’s not something that can be completed in a just a few days for a quick reward. Players can also use Road to Champion as a side objectives list to get a sense of direction.

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