The 10 Best Players of the World Cup So Far According to FIFA 18

The World Cup is having several names of its own that are seeing their share price revalue in the market. Footballers who are demonstrating the enormous quality that they treasure in the biggest football soccer scenario of the planet.

The best players of the World Cup according to FIFA 18

Who are they? To get rid of doubts, we used once again FIFA 18 as a laboratory. By means of the special cards that the “Man of The Match” has taken out of these days, we have selected the best players for their socks in the EA Sports simulator. Are these:

– Cristiano Ronaldo 96
– Messi 94
– Suarez 92
– Hazard 91
– Kroos 91
– Modric 90
– Cavani 90
– Eriksen 90
– Coutinho 89
– Kanté 89
– Kane 88
Some of them do not surprise us at all to see them on this list. They lead the top Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi, the best footballers of the last decade and two of the greatest in all history.

Other great players

Two Barça footballers also stand out. Luis Suarez is one of the sensations of the World Cup, representing his always competitive team, Uruguay. His attack partner Edinson Cavani is also there.

For his part, Coutinho is proving to be one of the most valuable pieces of a Brazil that still dreams of winning its sixth World Cup. The Barcelona midfielder is being much more decisive for his country than Neymar Jr, who still has to give his best in Russia. For the moment, he has not managed to be the party man in any of his commitments.

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