FIFA 18 Already Has World Champion, We Praise the Victory to ‘MSdossary7’

Remember that the eWorld Cup 2018 was recently announced that EA Sports was organizing together with FIFA? Well, that cup is over and now we know the great winner of this and his name is ‘MSdossary7’.

‘MSdossary7’ made its way in the face of all odds, from people dissatisfied with the results, to the true professional opponents of FIFA 18. They were really nervous matches and all the players gave their best to be victorious. However, Mossad ‘MSdossary7’ the young Arab came to defeat them.

FIFA itself teamed up with EA Sports to organize the eWorld Cup 2018, the FIFA 18 world event. This year’s champion was Aldossary ‘MSdossary7’ Mossad, from Saudi Arabia. He will be the successor of the English Spencer Ealing, who won in the 2017 edition.

In the final, Mosaad Aldossary faced Stefano Pinna, from Belgium. Cone can be seen in the video, the closing of the competition was overwhelming, the Saudi player was always up on the scoreboard.

What’s next?

With the eWorld Cup 2018 EA Sports closes a stage with its FIFA 18 video game. At the end of September, FIFA 19 will be officially launched and all competitions will be renewed.

For this reason, a publication of all the FUT 19 news was made on the EA Sports portal. From now on, the players will maintain their rank and must seek to advance week by week to reach the top of the FIFA 19 eSports.

What do you think? Are you going to train on FIFA 19 to defeat the king of FIFA 18 Aldossary ‘MSdossary7’ Mossad?

Post Author: fifaplayerclub