FIFA 19 Changes Cover and Adds Incentives for Ultimate Team

For the laggards that have not yet been made with a copy of FIFA 19, EA has thought about half-life incentives so that they do not think twice. It is no coincidence that it has been decided to make changes that increase the curiosity of the users, rather it is a matter of marketing. The arrival of the Champions has been the trigger of this wave of changes in the EA video game, a new cover is the one that at first sight calls more attention. In addition to this, EA brings out breast with amazing figures with a very detailed image.
But not only on the cover is the strategy of EA, as already said, new incentives will be present when playing. Starting today players who buy FIFA 19 and those who have not played Ultimate Team mode will receive three extra incentives:

• They will start their FUT squad with Neymar Jr., De Bruyne or Dybala as an assignment for 10 matches.
• They will receive 4 special kits from the UEFA Champions League.
• They will receive 5 players from the UEFA Champions League with up to 85 valuation.
• For those who make one of the special editions, they will be added even more incentives:

Premium Jumbo envelopes
• The assignments of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. for a certain number of matches in FUT
• Special editions of kits designed by artists of the FIFA soundtrack.
• EA has also thought about veterans, not everything will be sales, depending on the time you have invested in Ultimate Team, you will receive additional rewards in addition to a commemorative shirt for your team.

• If you have logged in from 9 to 50 days you will receive a Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
• If you have logged in from 51 to 100 days you will receive a Prime Gold Players Pack
• If you have logged in from 101 to 131 days you will receive an exceptional Mega Pack
• If you have logged in for 132 days or more, you will receive an Ultimate Pack
Undoubtedly EA has done the homework for the events that all football fans have been waiting for so many months, the opportunity to get a FIFA 19 at this time is not at all a mistake.

Post Author: fifaplayerclub