FIFA 19 – FUTTIES Third Batch

Are you looking to complete your FIFA 19 player collection before FIFA 20 comes out? The third batch of Best Of FUTTIES players is here to help you. This third batch contains 300 footballers. These are some of the best and most popular cards that were released through various events and promotions throughout the year. They are normally available for a limited time but the FUTTIES event gives players a second chance at obtaining them. These players can be found in game packs. Best Of packs are great ways to spend your extra FIFA 19 coins.

If you’ve missed the Carnibal event, you will be happy to know that 11 players from this event are part of Best Of packs. Do you need some CL/EL TOGS players? A few of them are part of the FUUTIES event. Players like David Alaba from Bayern and Marcelo from Real Madrid were part of the FUT Birthday event. If you were not there for the celebration, look for these players and 10 more from this event in the Best Of FUTTIES packs. Plenty of Future Stars players are also among the ones selected for this third batch.

A few Headliners are here as well. More than 20 Ones to Watch players can be collected. You can get Luis Muriel from Fiorentina, Sebastian Giovinco from Al Hilal, and many others. If you are looking for the RTF collection, you have nothing the worry about as there are more than 10 RTF players in the packs. A few TOTKS players are included too. Ultimate Scream players are not missing either. Bundesliga TOTS, Comm TOTS, La Liga TOTS, Ligue 1 TOTS, PL TOTS, Serie A TOTS players complete the list. Three Record Breaker players have been added. Select MOTM and TOTW players are also in the packs.

Don’t forget that the third batch is the final one. There will be no more new FUTTIES players after this one.

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