Come and See New FIFA 20 Stadiums

Commerzbank Arena is one of the new FIFA 20 stadiums. Home of the Eintracht Frankfurt team, this stadium was designed by GMP International and opened in 1925. The stadium can house around 52,000 viewers. The record attendance was 81,000 in 1959 when the home team played against Pirmasens. The stadium is known Waldstadion that translates to Forest Stadium.

HDI-Arena in Hanover, Germany is the home stadium of Hanover 96 SV team. This stadium has a capacity of almost 50,000 seats. The construction started in 1952 and it took two years. It was the first large arena in Calenberger Neustadt. The locals still call it by its old name Niedersachsenstadion. The stadium hosted rugby events as well.

Max Morlock Stadion is in Nuremberg, Germany. It was opened in 1928 and it’s the home stadium of 1.FC Nuremberg. It is also known as Frankenstadion. In 2006, the famous game between Portugal and the Netherlands that’s known as the Battle of Nuremberg was played here. Other notable events include the 1972 Summer Olympics and the European Cup Winner’s Cup in 1967.

Mercedes-Benz Arena is also known by its old name as O2 World. This is the home stadium of the VfB Stuttgart team. It was opened in 1933 and its capacity of 60,000 seats almost doubled when Germany played against Switzerland. The stadium hosted the World Cup, Champions League, and Euro games.

Merkur-Spiel Arena is one of the newer stadiums. It was opened in 2004 and it’s the home stadium of Fortuna Dusseldorf team. It is built on the site of the old Rheinstadion and it’s one of the first stadiums that featured a mesh wrapping. It has a rail terminus and a hotel. The stadium also hosted American football events and the 2014 Eurovision.

Opel Arena is in Mainz, Germany. It was opened in 2011 and it’s the home stadium of 1.FSV Mainz 05. Its location was chosen to be the closest to the old Bruschwegstadion stadium. It has a capacity of little over 34,000 seats and it costed only €60 million which is not a large sum of money considering that other stadiums with a similar capacity costed way more.

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