FIFA 20 – Live News Screenshots and League UI Themes

FIFA 20 comes with a revamped career mode that aims to make the gameplay more complex and captivating. Several systems within this mode have been overhauled. News is one of them. This is one of the career mode aspects that developers pay close attention to each year. The goal is to make it more diverse and to improve the overall experience. We’ve seen that managers can interact with the press. The manager’s decisions and actions will lead to all sorts of outcomes that are captured in the news. The way the news is created and presented was changed for this year’s career mode. The news are created based on screenshots from the matches and other important events. So each manager will have personalized news. The screenshots are taken at key moments. They can capture match-winning goals or other spectacular happenings. The news is built around the screenshots. The game will create unique pieces of content for each player. The most important moments of a player’s manager career will be highlighted by the news. This feature increases the immersion by personalizing the experience for each player.

FIFA 20 is all about authentic features and real experiences. League themes are some of the features that create authenticity within career mode. Five of the most played leagues were chosen. The developers aimed to give players several ways to customize their experience based on their favorite league. The five leagues are LaLiga Santander, Premier League, MLS, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. You will find a unique league theme for each of the above. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League are featured in the games. There were many additions to this year’s career mode. Two new negotiation environments are part of the additions. Managers can take the player negotiations to the rooftop lounge or the restaurant. Besides additions, the team also worked on existing features such as team management. The new layout allows managers to easily compare footballers’ attributes. The Spanish Supercup has a new format and plan. Some congestion issues were fixed. As per community demand, career mode has eight saves. Many other fixes were implemented to provide a much better experience for players that are enjoying this mode.

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