How to download and play the Copa Libertadores update in FIFA 20?

The Copa Libertadores in FIFA 20 has been available for download since last Tuesday (3). EA Games released a new update that brought the new tournament into the game, in addition to the Copa Sudamericana and Recopa competitions in career mode. Players can now download the DLC for their games and compete in the biggest tournaments in South America, and also use some new teams in the Quick Game.

In the following tutorial, learn how to download and how to play the Copa Libertadores in FIFA 20. It is worth mentioning that the title works on PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One and PC, with a Legacy version for Nintendo Switch without career mode and news. Also, if you need more FIFA coins or player to enjoy the game better, U7BUY FUT store would always be the best choice.

The inclusion of new teams in the game has some limitations. The list of clubs, like Flamengo, Palmeiras and others added by Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, does not have the names and appearances of real athletes. Despite this, their official uniforms are well represented and users can even purchase team items in Fifa Ultimate Team mode. It is possible to create matches from these new teams with others that were already in the game, such as Flamengo x Botafogo, but there is no possibility to control the new teams in career mode.


How to download and play Copa Libertadores

Step 1. Start FIFA 20 and the game will automatically start downloading your new update. Wait for the download and installation to be able to play;

Step 2. In the game menu, go to the “Play” tab and select the “Conmebol Libertadores”;

Step 3. Choose one or more teams to control during the competition. If more than one person will play, select all teams that will have human players. If you don’t like the groups, you can draw them again with the “Random” button;

Step 4. If you want to exchange teams from the competition for clubs from the Copa Sudamericana, just press Triangle or Y, but you must maintain the same number of participating clubs per country;

Step 5. After the selections, the tournament will start with six matches in the Group Stage followed by Round of 16, Quarter, Semi-Final and Final. It is not necessary to play all games, they can be simulated if the player prefers.

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