When will the FIFA 21 closed beta be released?

As in previous years, the video game goes through a cycle. There’s a big boom at first, particularly when it comes to Ultimate Team, and then players keep coming back for more as additional content is added throughout the year.

However, it’s getting to that point when the eyes start to roll towards what EA has up their sleeve. After all, many professionals, creators, and casual gamers have voiced some complaints about the current title and would like to see how things will change in the future.


FIFA 21 closed beta

It was speculated that, along with the cancellation of several top-notch leagues around the world, the FIFA Team of the Season, and even the next match, could be put on hold until things return to normal.

However, with TOTSSF released in-game, it seems highly likely that EA will stick to its usual content roadmap with the series. This would mean that FIFA 21 will drop sometime in late September or early October, as it has in previous years.

In that case, it wouldn’t be out of reach for the chance to see the beta release normally, with our prediction on August 9, 2020. Last year, it was this date and there is a good chance that the game this year is to be the same or very similar.


What will the FIFA 21 beta contain?

The FIFA 21 closed beta is expected to be story mode specific. Therefore, the code we receive will only grant access to a particular part of the game. For example, if your invitation says beta is for Pro Clubs, that’s all you can see until it comes out in EA Access.

Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team and Career Mode generally appear as part of the beta content. However, that may change this year if new modes are introduced. We’ll have to wait and see.


Will the beta version of FIFA 21 be on Xbox, PlayStation and PC?

The planned release date for FIFA 21, around September or October, launches the beta version to launch on the current generation of consoles.

That means that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players should be included, although PC was not included in the beta group last year. Clearly, some players will expect a change this time.

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