FUT 22 – ‘Icon Moments’ Lothar Matthaus Finally Unveiled!

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With the Icon Swaps III promo now reigning supreme in FUT 22, the latest influx of player cards have also been revealed as well, with one coming in the form of an ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card for popular ex-footballer, Lothar Matthaus!




A famous ex-footballer for top German club, Bayern Munich, Lothar Matthaus is considered to be amongst the most successful players that Germany has ever seen throughout their expansive history.


Matthaus has won Bundesliga titles a couple of times with Bayern Munich, besides the UEFA Champions League trophy too.


Other than that, he also had a stint at Inter Milan as well, winning the Italian Serie A too.


Suffice to say, Matthaus would surely be a grand player for you to have inside your UT squad today, especially if you were to recruit his latest 94-Rated ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card unleased just recently!


Matthaus’ new player card boasts incredible upgrades from his ‘Base Icon’ Player Card, as can be seen here:


(CM) Lothar Matthaus’ ‘Icon Moments’ Player Card: OVR 94


  • Shooting: 92 (+10)
  • Pace: 91 (+9)
  • Passing: 91 (+4)
  • Defending: 91 (+1)
  • Dribbling: 86 (+9)
  • Physicality: 86 (+6)


For a central midfielder, Matthaus is surprisingly capable of playing in any area of the pitch, and he seems to possess no weaknesses to his play which proves his versatility no matter where you need him to be!


To recruit Matthaus right now, you need to accomplish two (2) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) first, requiring fourteen (14) Icon Swaps III Tokens in total:


  • LOTHAR MATTHAUS I (Reward: 100 FUT Coins)
    • Number of Icon Swaps III Tokens to be exchanged: 7


  • LOTHAR MATTHAUS II (Reward: 100 FUT Coins)
    • Number of Icon Swaps III Tokens to be exchanged: 7


With plenty of time for you to collect those Tokens, just remember to redeem Matthaus before the opportunity expires around 19th June 2022 (Sunday).


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