FUT 22 FUTTIES Promo Event

The FUT 22 FUTTIES event brings back some of your favorite content, re-releases of the best packs, SBCs and goals. Remember to visit U7buy and buy FIFA 22 coins!



FUT 22 FUTTIES Promotion

With FUTTIES joining FIFA 22 Ultimate Team™, it’s time to celebrate the best of the FUT 22 season! Indulge in the best new and returning content for the next five weeks to give your squad a summer boost.



Each week, you’ll help decide which FUT 22 player items will get special premium FUTTIES items. On certain days during the event, you’ll find the Player Picks pack available in your account after logging in. Each player selection will feature a loan version of three FUTTIES nominated players, all from the same league.


The players you choose will get your votes, and the two FUTTIES nominees who get the most weekly votes will be released as premium FUTTIES items through the Squad Building Challenge, with different theme upgrades and stat boosts each week.


Advanced FUTTIES players will have the same chemistry system as FUT Heroes and green links with any players in the same league as them, giving you new squad building opportunities. They have a different item rarity design compared to the standard edition.


FUTTIES Favorites

Each week of the FUTTIES event will see a selection of FUTTIES Favorite Players SBC themed to a specific month, as well as the top players from that period of the FUT 22 season. Released players will have higher stats than their original release to help them compete for a spot in your starting XI. Additional FUTTIES Favorites will also be posted through objectives during the event.


FUTTIES Weekly Cup

Test your skills every week in the FUTTIES Weekly Cup, which changes every week depending on the requirements of the league or national team. Win games to complete objectives and unlock packs and player choices, available in TOTS and Shapeshifters themed packs.


“Best” repost

Some of the best special player items in FUT 22 will be re-released during FUTTIES. Selected players will be added to FUT 22’s packs in three batches.

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