FIFA 18 and its announced improvements

FIFA 18 and its announced improvements

Let’s be very frank FIFA 17 is very good, also some details in definition or the system constantly updated, but it is a game that can leave you stuck to it full days.

The improvements announced Andre Wilson confirmed that the game will continue to use Frosbite Engine that gave him the possibility of better recreation in stadiums and lighting in the field.

For everyone it is very clear that the saga of FIFA far outweighs the PES however despite improvements in graphics except “The Path” FIFA has stagnated and has not allowed an exponential growth within their game modes.

There are many improvements you could make that are on the radar of your consumers like:

License in Champions League and Europe League as PES

License of more leagues like China, more of Latin America and more stages by leagues

Better presentation of signings, PES makes even press conferences

To be able to edit the equipments of the teams in race mode

More job applications in career mode

Better connectivity to servers as they update without previous ads and is annoying

The Path’ to be able to do it with a new player

Fewer signings in career mode, there are teams that completely modify the templates and that loses credibility

Your race mode is endless, never ending and of course not “reborn” the same players with another name

Have sponsor for goals in race mode and that they come out in uniform

We have been waiting for real improvements for many years and really only change the forms of game or the cameras, but not what the user asks for, gentlemen of EA Sports know the expensive of the licenses of the leagues, but only with visit some blog about the game Can realize how important it is for them to be heard have been almost 10 years as market leaders and at any moment things can change.

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